Smarty Britches Series by Cyndie Sebourn

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My Smarty Britches book app and printed book series align with educational needs.  The book apps are interactive, and my website also provides activities for the book apps and printed books that parallel with the subject of each story.  The book apps and activities align with Common Core State Standards, use upper levels of Bloom’s taxonomy, are cross curricular, present cultural differences, and support reading fluency and strategies.  Smarty Britches: Nouns  and Smarty Britches: Verbs are available on iTunes.


My Tiny Inspirations

The Smarty Britches Brothers: Jackson & Wyatt


I am a retired English teacher, and I think it is a great educational app. The characters and voices make it fun. Really enjoying the interactive bilingual character that teaches words in Spanish. Highly recommended!

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Sascyn Publishing

Sascyn Publishing is an independent publisher and an Arkansas-based company; I focus on teaching literacy through technology: Edutainment.  I will always believe the printed book is precious, but I also know that a variety of media is important to reach and teach today’s kids.  They were born into this technological era; this is how they learn; this is how we meet their educational needs – with technology.

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