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A T L A N T I C - By Smarty Britches Wyatt

A quick note from Cyndie:

This excitingly imaginative piece of creative writing was produced by my 8-year-old grandson and guest blogger, Wyatt (aka Smarty Britches Wyatt), as part of his at-home education during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Wyatt, thank you for sharing your story of adventure with us!

Once upon a time, there were five guys who wanted to go to the ocean. Their names were Jerry, Criss, Jack, Jason, and Steph. Steph found a boat that could carry 16 people, so they got the boat and sailed the ocean.

When they were far from home and in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, they were fishing. Jack found a big thing sticking out of the water. He put his fishing rod there, and he felt a big pull. “It's stuck!” said Jack. He felt like he was going to fall off the boat. When that was over, they finally found a restaurant that was called Kollen’s, so they went inside and they sat down and got something to eat. Then they were out of there, and they got back in the boat, but before they left they saw a helicopter and it was out of condition. They all left and BOOM! SCRATCH!! There was a big snake that was like 20ft long. Their boat was sinking by seconds. They were all frightened by the boat sinking. They made the boat go faster and faster.

Jerry was playing with legos instead of helping. Criss went in there and said “what the HECK ARE YOU DOING!!?” “I am playin’ with legos,” said Jerry. “Well get back to work we are sinking!” said Criss. “Well I don’t care,” said Jerry. “COME ON!” said Criss. “O.K.,” said Jerry.

They were just all trying to shoot the 20 ft snake with a pistol that had 5 bullets. So, they missed the first and hit the second time. They missed 2 more times. The bad news was they had only one more bullet left. They tried not to use it, but they had to. The snake was gone, and they got out of there. They all found land, so they got on the land and they found a city that was abandoned because it was flooded. They all tried to swim in it, but it was too deep to swim in.

Criss found a helicopter. So, they all got in the helicopter and they flew low to the ground so they could see the snake nest. It took a long time to find the nest, but they all found it. They all tried finding the eggs but there were not any eggs there. They figured out that it wasn't that snake's nest. It was just a snake that was about to have babies. They kept searching for the eggs.

One day later, they woke up and they went to go check on their boat and it was almost sunk. They didn't have anything to get it out with. So Jason said we are just going to have to drive the helicopter. “Yep,” said Criss. Up they went zooming in the sky.

Then they all saw the snake and they shot it in the mouth, and it went down. Then they were all in some swampy area. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! The snake was back, and they used the last bullet and shot it right in its weak spot. BOOM! It was down and they won, and they went back home and had a fresh start.

Eight years later, they went back to the ocean, and there was a big snake that jumped out of the water. BOOM! CRASH! It had started all over again. They just noticed that it was the baby of the snake they had killed and that one was going to get revenge.

T O B E C O N T I N U E D…

Smarty Britches Wyatt, age 8

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