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It Takes Two

I love music, and my favorite dance is the waltz. I’d love to tango; however, I’ve never had the partner to help me be my best at it.  I watch my daughter-in-law, who is working on her Master’s degree for education, who does the book keeping for her husband’s business, who takes care of their Cadron Ridge Labradors business, who makes sure that their sons are actively involved in school, sports, and are also well-dressed and prepared for each school day. She cleans house, she buys groceries, she cooks wonderful meals, and most of all, she loves. She loves her husband, her sons, their dogs, and their life. And now, because of the coronavirus, she also educates her sons. She does it all very well.  This situation in our country is difficult for everyone; I, however, stand back in amazement at her and all young mothers who persevere and refuse to fail. Good mothers are the backbone of a family.  They are the ones who will rear their backs and refuse to accept defeat.  I must say, however, there are the awesome dads, as well. My son is self-employed and works hard to support his family. He spends his free time practicing sports with his sons and coaching their teams. He teaches them ethical issues, and he loves his labs. And oh, how he loves his wife!  He is the backbone that supports his wife. They are a team.  My final takes two to tango. This husband and wife make the best parents... Coronavirus will not defeat them. Let’s watch them tango. 

Dedicated to Christian and Amber Kelley...

The parents of my precious grandsons.

Also dedicated to another set of awesome parents, Bri and TJ Virden...

Wonderful parents who also know how to tango and are raising four beautiful boys.

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